The Economic Analysis of Broiler Farm

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The growth of people population could increase the demand of poultry products. Productivity of poultry products must be increased to solve this problem. Broiler farm was one alternative that could produce broiler products in a short time. The objective of this study was to analize the cost of broiler production and calculate the income of bussines broiler farm. The study has been done in July to September 2009. This study takes place in Block B poultry area at Faculty of Animal Husbandry, Bogor Agriculture University. The data then analized with descriptive analysis, the income analysis and cost of broiler production method. The actual selling price of the broiler products was Rp12.500,00/kg, but the selling price from the cost of broiler production analysis was Rp15.022,5/kg for full costing method and Rp12.779,63/kg for variable costing method. The income of the bussines broiler farm was Rp927.531,3 but that value was negatif. The results of this study showed that the business of broiler farm got financial loss, because the cost of broiler production was higher than the sale price in the market.

Keywords: broiler, cost of broiler production, the income of broiler farm


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