Prebiotic Inulin Derived frDahlia Tuber (Dahlia variabilis) as Feed additive for Increasing Immune Response of Broiler

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Restrictions on the use of antibiotics as feed additive makes the prebiotic as an alternative material that could be used to replace the function of antibiotics in feed. Dahlia tubers is one source of inulin as a prebiotic potential. The research was aimed to evaluate feeding effect of dahlia tuber powder on immune response of broiler. Experimental animals were 160 unsex Day Old Chick (DOC) New Lohmann strain MB 202, dahlia tuber powder, and basal diet. Basal diet were composed of corn, wheat pollard, soybean meal, soybean, fish meal, meat and bone meal (MBM), dicalcium phosphate (DCP), mineral mix, lysine and methionine. The treatments applied were: P0 (basal diet without dahlia tuber powder as a control), P1 (Basal diet + dahlia tuber powder 10 g/kg feed), P2 (Basal diet + dahlia tuber powder 12,5 g/kg feed), and P3 (Basal diet + dahlia tuber powder 15 g/kg feed). The parameters measured were heterophil/lymphocyte ratio (H/L ratio), percentage of bursa fabrisius and spleen. The research was assigned in a completely randomized design with 4 treatments and 5 replications. The data were analyzed using ANOVA and followed by Duncan test at the level of 5%. The results showed that feeding dahlia tuber powder to improve the immune responses of broiler does not show the effect on the percentage weight of the bursa fabricius, but significantly affect on H/L ratio and percentage weight of the spleen. In conclusion, feeding dahlia tuber powder as a prebiotic to 12.5 g/kg feed (1% inulin) can improve immune responses broiler is characterized by increased weight bursa fabricius, decreased spleen weight and H/L ratio.

Keywords: Broiler, Dahlia Tuber, Immune Responses, Inulin, Prebiotic.


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