Management and Utilized of Non-Athlete Horse’s in Nusantara Polo Club, Jagorawi Golf Country Club, Cibinong, Regency of Bogor

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Nusantara Polo Club (NPC) has athlete and non-athlete horses which are maintenanced. Horses which are observed in this study are 43 non-athlete horse. Horses are researched to know their maintenances and their utilized. The data are got from observation, documentation, and questionnaire. Horse’s maintenance include horse and stable cleansing, make horseshoes, hairs shaving, feeding, exercise, and healthy management. Non-athlete horse in NPC are utilized for riding lessons activity, chukka athlete’s training, breeding, and training. Maintenances for each utilized are different enough. A horse should utilized for many things. Non-athlete horse in NPC are lots in variation, so their maintenances are many kinds too. Healthy horses can be utilized optimally. Riding activity actually brings a positive influence for the riders. Riding activity are also beneficial for the children’s autism therapy.
Keywords: non-athlete horse, horse’s maintenance, horse’s utilized


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