Carcass and Meat Quality Characteristics of Brahman Cross (BX) Feedlot Fattened Using Pineapple Waste as a Source of Fiber Feed

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Feed has a marked contribution on beef cattle feedlot operation. The utilisation of pineapple waste as a source of fiber in cattle diet could reduce feed cost. The objective of this study was to examine carcass and meat quality characteristics from Brahman Cross steers (BX) feedlot fattened on ration containing pineapple waste.

Six heads of BX steers aged 2.5 until 3 years old were used in this study and the cattle had been feedlot fattened for 120 days. Three animals were given concentrate and pineapple waste silage and the other three were given concentrate and corn leaf silage. The cattle were slaughtered and dreesed according to a standar commercial slaughtering. The sample meat used longissimus dorsi muscle. The meat was aged for three months at 0 o C with monthly observation for meat quality characteristics. The parameters observed comprised slaughter weight, hot and cold carcass weight, subcutaneous fat thickness at the 12th and 13th rib eyes, pH values, tenderness, cooking loss, water holding capacity, meat colors (L*, a*, b* value), moisture, protein, lipid and ash content, microbiology, organoleptic test hedonic and hedonic quality (aroma, tenderness, color, and mucus), and histology of meat. The effects of ration on carcass quality, histological and chemical meat characteristics were analysed using Ttest, while the meat physical and microbiological characteristics were analysed by repetaed measurement analysis of variance.

The results showed that the pineapple waste did not have significant influences on all the carcass and meat characteristics observed, except meat color a* values at two month aging, meat color L* value at three month aging and proteincontent at three month aging. Pineapple waste could be used as a source of fiber feed for beef cattle fattening since it would not have a negative effect on carcass and meat quality characteristics.
Keywords: pineapple waste, carcass and meat characteristics, Brahman Cross steer


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