Behavior of Laying Hen Reared in FreeRange with Different Time of Natural Shade

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Poultry rearing under extensive or semi-intensive conditions, such as freerange systems, would be an interesting way to provide poultry welfare. In tropical area however, the laying hen rearing in free-range systems is limited by the high light intensity and environment temperature. The aim of study was to investigate the behavior of laying hen rearing in free-range system with different times of shade. Thirty six of laying hens strain Lohmann Brown of 43 weeks old were grown in the paitan pasture under tree cover. The research was arranged experimently and using completely randomized design 4 treatments with 6 replications (each replication consist of 2 hens). The treatment applied were N1 (providing natural shade from 06.30-12.00 am), N2 (without natural shade), N3 (providing natural shade from 12.00 am – 06.00 pm) and N4 (providing natural shade throughout the day). The observation of laying hen behavior was conducted for 12 hours (from 06.00 am-06.00 pm) for two periods. The results showed that providing natural shade in different times on pasture significantly (P0,05) on drinking, resting, perching and nesting behavior. Laying hen rearing in the pasture recieved solar radiation all day long (N2) showed the highest time for foraging especially in early morning and late afternoon due to the high photosintetic of paitan grass encourage the source of feed in the pasture. High temperature also contribute to high time spent for dust bathing in this treatment.

Key Words: Behavior, Free-range, Laying Hen, Natural shade


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